Photo preservation

Whether it is a 19th century carte de viste, left by a great uncle, or a more recent school formal photo, a question many people ask is “how do I preserve and keep my photos from deteriorating or fading?”  The main preservation risks to photographic prints are mould, sunlight and insects (silverfish).  Photos should be … Continued

Colour print fading

Colour print fading.   It is worth noting that since the 1980’s technology for colour print stability has greatly improved. With the advert of Digital photography and inkjet prints, it has reached a stage that colour prints should last a lifetime and longer if stored in cool, dry conditions. Prior to this the chemical reactions … Continued

Family Photograph Albums

Although we take more photos than ever before, the family photo album has become a thing of the past for many families. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of images of family and friends are often only stored on mobile phone memory. Even if they are stored to the cloud backup, it is never the same as holding … Continued